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Looking to enhance or replace your CMS/IFE system? 


AVDS has been designed to integrate perfectly with most systems and allows you to leave the expensive woodwork alone and retain the primary CMS control system and switches! 

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to install and configure

  • Less wiring

  • HD upgrade with existing CMS

  • No damage to your aircraft's woodwork

  • No NRE

Freedom of choice


Owners can decide what they want
to do – whether to update some or all
monitors, update cameras, go HD –
whatever makes sense for their
operation and the value of the aircraft. A simple system only requires one AVDS, while a large-cabin business jet is usually updated with two or three nodes. 

Modification center engineers
can offer a custom AVDS to support
exactly what their customers require.
The AVDS is designed to integrate
easily with most CMS/IFE systems. This
is a big advantage to the owner and
the existing CMS supplier. Save time and money without having to rip everything out. This is the only option that makes financial sense for some lower-value hulls. With AVDS, we have been providing a solution that keeps many of these aircraft current and maintainable.

Quick + Smart

Upgrades can be performed quickly with 2-4 week turn times. Another part of being quick is providing the tools to enable workers on the shop floor to install and troubleshoot the system quickly.


We provide a powerful software package that enables installers to control the AVDS completely without any CMS/IFE package. On these short lead-time jobs, the CMS/IFE software is usually not completed or updated until after the hardware is installed. AVDS Client software is invaluable in checking out wiring as soon as possible. The latest hardware includes built-in test-pattern generators, enabling health monitoring and the validation of output wiring, independent of the CMS. The system is also scalable; the modification center can add units with a lightweight fiber-optic harness.

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