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Signal Converter Box


Fiber: SDI In, SDI Out, and Ethernet are interfaced with the LRU. Additional SCB or compatible monitor can be daisy chained.

Ethernet Port: Copper Ethernet port available for connecting to external devices.

Analog Audio Output: This is used for connecting a headphone panel to the SCB. The audio for this is fed from the AVDS to the SCB via the fiber (Ethernet channel).

USB-C (High Power) Charging: Able to charge USB-C devices up to 60W. The maximum output of this port can be configured. When the Video Input module is added, this port can also accept USB-C Alt Mode video.

USB-C/A (Low Power) Charging: This port is able to charge USB-C/A devices at 15W.

Modular 4K UHD LRU for HDMI, USB-C video, USB charging, SDI, analog audio, and more!

Video Input Module:
• USB-C Alt Mode Video: internal circuitry on this module allows the USB-C (High Power) port to also accept video input.
• 4Kp60 HDMI Input: This input allows for HDMI devices to be connected to the system as inputs.
• SDI Input: This input allows for SDI signals to be brought into the system via copper SDI.

Video Output Module:
• 4Kp60 HDMI Output: This output is used to connect to HDMI outputs such as displays or VR type devices.
• SDI Output: This output allows for SDI signals to be sent out from the system via copper SDI. Used for connecting legacy type monitors.

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